Thursday, July 30, 2009

Karissa Morris

Hi! I'm Karissa I was born in Virginia and shortly after moved to Utah, where my parents both attended Utah State also. We moved a few different times in Utah and then to Washington. I lived there for about 8 years and now I'm back in Utah. I live in Kaysville and graduated from Davis High. My birthday is October 22. I love sign language and I love playing with my siblings. I am the oldest of 6 children. I have a brother Craig who is 17 in a few days, sister Kaylee who just turned 16, Kaitlyn is 14, Cameron my brother is 10 and my youngest sister Kennedi who will be 8 in November! I love hiking and camping but don't go often because no one will go with me. I like playing sports even though I'm no good at them so usually I play them for fun with my friends. My favorite candy is anything fruity. I have a Peanut allergy so I can't have most chocolate and other foods most people love. I've never broken any bones but I had to have stitches twice in my head. Lets just say when your mother says stop running in the house you should listen! I am so excited to get to Utah State and I can't wait!

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