Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jill Robinson

Hey, I'm Jill Robinson and I'm from Austin, Texas, the live music capital of the world! My birthday is October 3rd, and I share it with my twin sister. I went to Westwood High School, and likely y'all have never heard of it. I really love music, and used to play french horn in the high school band (it was a big thing-300 members!) I also love going to concerts! I like tons of music; indie/rock/punk/pop/techno/alternative and sometimes country. I love doing things outdoors, like kayaking, going to Enchanted Rock, boating, hiking, etc. I also love movies, and doing things with friends! I love playing sports too! I'm decent at volleyball and basketball, and I love playing lacrosse! I love doing spontaneous things, like randomly exploring different parts of Austin such as The Drag, Congress, Republic and Waterloo Park, Mt. Bonnell, 360 Overlook, etc. One summer ago I painted bright green/blue/pink/orange dots on one of my walls and I love it so much! Koalas are my favorite animal, and fall is my favorite season. I like to eat things two at a time, one for each side of my mouth (otherwise its not fair to the other half). I really like old buildings and such, and truthfully I'm a fan of museums. I'm really excited to move up to Logan and experience a real winter, and real seasons for that matter! And I'm stoked to attend USU and meet lots of awesome people! :]

The picture was taken at the Arboretum in Austin. The Cows are a big hangout place to eat Amy's Ice Cream!

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