Friday, July 31, 2009

Rebecca Byers

Hi my name is Rebecca and I'm from Layton, Utah. I actually like to go by Becky instead of Rebecca, but I really like the concept of nicknames so you could pretty much call me anything and it would be cool. I graduated from Layton High school but it feels like I never left because I am now working there as a custodian. Whoopee. Anyway, I like to collect crayons, pet furry animals, plan events, window shop, eat noodles, wash dishes, and play the piano. I also like to run and play badminton, though I'm not very good at either of them. :) I have only broken one bone before, but I technically broke it twice. Or you could say that I broke it once and the doctor broke it the second time. The cool thing about it was that I got to keep the long "pins" they put into my arm...kinda sick, but I think it's awesome! I'm totally stoked to come up to Utah State in two weeks and to meet all of you guys! See ya then!

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