Monday, August 3, 2009

Derek Balmforth

Hi my name's Derek and I lived in Southern California my whole life and can't wait to come up to USU! I was born exactly in the middle of the year June 15, 1991 (six months in and 15 out of 30 days) in Fullerton and have lived here ever since with my two awesome parents. I graduated from Troy High and I love playing basketball, guitar and spending time with my family and friends. My favorite band is blink 182 and I'm stoked that they got back together. I have two older sisters, one older brother and one younger bro. All of my older siblings are married with one kid and are all living in Utah so I'm happy they're there for me and they're happy I'm going to college near them. I like to eat food...... nuthin specific, mostly pasta and burgers i guess. I think its pretty funny that the only people so far that have done this blog assignment are girls and I'm the first guy that quit procrastinating XD. Yeah..... so,............ I'm excited.........yup.

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