Monday, August 3, 2009

Lauren Morrison

HEY! I was born in New York on February 1st but was raised in good old Idaho Falls! You will often find me on any basketball court with a ball in my hand and my music blasting! I'm a sucker for acoustic music and a good chick flick! I'm not complicated. My ideal outfit is basketball shorts or sweats and a t-shirt. I am pretty tall.... like, I am usually that really tall person that is blocking your way at a concert. On behalf of all of us, we're sorry. I do NOT have a sweet tooth, so candy rarely touches my mouth. My ultimate favorite place to eat is Cafe Rio(pork burritos are a gift from heaven) We recently got one in my hometown and it's a temptation I face everyday! I am number two in a family of 7 kids. I have 2 awesome brothers and 4 beautiful sisters. I love kids... I spend everyday with my little sisters, they are so much fun. I played golf for four years in High School. I'm a perfectionist, a thinker and a over-analyzer. I am super stoked to be coming to Utah State! Let's have some fun!! Oh yeah... and my name is Lauren :]

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